With Nicole as the current Head of Household the Big Brother houseprepared forthe Power of Veto competition. When players were picked, Nicole pulled Victor, Michelle pulled James, and Paul got to choose a houseguest. He asked Corey to play. That left Natalie to host the competition.

James, Natalie, and Michelle were questioning why Paul would select Corey to play, not knowing about the scheming going on between Paul, Victor, Nicole, and Corey. They still see Paul as the target to leave the Big Brother house and think that Michelle is the pawn with Victor as the replacement nominee if needed.

The Big Brother houseguests have all been practicing and studying with the exception of Corey. They are studying faces in case of the morph competition and calculating days for possible competitions. Corey, as usual, is more interested in laying in bed with Nicole than studying for anything in the game. He did, however, come up with a possible use of the $5k bribe he was given in America's Care Package. He wants to bribe Paul to trade places with him and be a Have Not and allow him to be a Have.

He is waiting to see if Big Brother will allow it.

So who won the POV?

When the Hold/Stay Power of Veto was over and the feeds came back, Joker's Updates tells us that Nicole won the POV. She now holds all the power in the house for the week.Prior to the POV competition there were several conversations between Nicole, Paul, and Victor about how to handle the replacement nomination if need be. She said repeatedly that she would like to see the nominations locked as they stand.

Her main concern is possibly having to be the tiebreaker with 4 houseguests voting in the live eviction.

Will the POV be used?

Nicole, Corey, Victor, and Paul have a Final 4 deal together. Victor and Paul are comfortable in their agreement but still want Paul off the block. If Nicole does leave the nominations the same, as she has said she wants,there are 2 nominees that will each get 2 votes to be evicted forcing her to be the tiebreaker.

She keeps saying she doesn't want to have to be a tiebreaking vote. In order to avoid this she must replace a nominee and have 2 on the block from the same side.

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