What a week in the Big Brother house! We have Natalie and Michelle sharing the duties of Head of Household with different agendas. Michelle is closer to Victor than anyone else. Natalie and James, however, have buddied up with Nicole and Corey the other showmance in the house.

Who has what strategy going on?

Nicole and Corey have spent the entire summer laying in abed or a bumper car. Corey managed to win both HOH and POV for double eviction and that is all the wins accumulated by the two since entering the Big Brother house.Victor has managed to win the Battle Back into the Big Brother house.

Since his return he has been Head of Household twice and held the Power of Veto as well. Paul is his ride or die. They have a secret alliance called The Sitting Ducks.

When Natalie won the HOH, Nicole got busy. She made deals, promises, and managed to gain Natalie's trust. The two showmances beganto team up against Victor and Paul. When Michelle was awarded Co-HOH she wanted to nominate Nicole. Natalie convinced Michelle to put up Paul to sit by her nominee, Victor.

The HOH team has gone back and forth.

They want Paul and Victor out and turned around and said that Nicole and Corey manipulated them and they should go. This flip flop has happened several times according to Joker's Updates but in the end they keep coming back to Victor being the bigger threat.

Paul uses the POV to save himself

When the Power of Veto was held, Paul emerged victorious.Once Paul used the POV to save himself from eviction, the choice was clear.

Nicole or Corey was headed for the block. Michelle had been leaning toward putting up Nicole but Corey was the one sitting on the block at the end of the ceremony.

Now that we have Corey and Victor on the block we are sure to see the campaigning in full swing. Victor and Paul will continue to work to secure the votes to keep Victor in the Big Brother house. Corey and Nicole feel fairly secure because they expect James to be the 2nd vote they need to keep Corey in the game.

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