Victor became Head of Household (HOH) last night in the endurance competition. As Natalie and he battled it out, promises were made between the two. Victor would keep Natalie safe in "Big Brother"this week in exchange for letting him have the HOH. We hear these negotiations often in the endurance HOH competitions. Just a couple of weeks ago James had the same deal with Bridgette and Frank but did not honor it.

So who did Victor nominate for eviction?

Paul and Paulie have been Victor's shadows since being crowned the HOH.

The plan devised by the three was to nominate Zakiyah and Michelle. According to "Joker's Updates," in the Nomination Ceremony Victor did just that. He also delivered a speech that was very harsh to the nominees. At the end of it Zakiyah was unshaken but Michelle was very upset with lots of tears. She pointed out to several of the 'Big Brother' houseguests that she was not the one that backdoored Victor to get him out of the house before.

What's next for the nominees?

Both nominees will be given the opportunity to save themselves in the Power of Veto (POV) Competition.

The winner will earn the power to veto one of Victor's nominees. If someone wins the POV that isn't on the block, they are safe from eviction and cannot be named as a replacement nominee.

Zakiyah has lost her closest ally with Da'Vonne being evicted last night. Hopefully she wakes up and sees how shady Paulie is being with her. She is confused and hurt by his actions towards her but has not realized yet that he is throwing her under the bus at every turn.

Zakiyah needs a solid ally in the "Big Brother" house.

Michelle has a good social game and is liked by the other members of the "Big Brother" house. She has been directlyinvolved in many of the quietly laid plans behinds the scenes. Michelle will have to turn to those she has worked with to ask for their help this week. She will also have to reel in her emotions andkeep her focus. She is astrong competitor and has shown that several times.

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