Tonightwas the night we have all been waiting for. The live eviction that had Paulie leaving the Big Brother house. The only problemwas that in his hand was envelope #10 from the Secret Room. Did it hold the Round Trip Ticket? Are we finallydone withPaulie's disgusting behavior? Did production overlook all of Paulie's broken rules and allow him to be evicted rather than pull him or give him a penalty vote?

Here's where we stand with Paulie

Joker's Updates tells us he had said he planned to leave the Big Brother house "classy." Of course that was after he had claimed he would go home and skip the jury house.

His volatile moods left us unsure of what to expect when the votes were revealed.Paulie gave a long goodbye in his lastchance to speak to the Big Brother houseguests before the votes were cast. He talked to them all as if they had been close friends all summer. In the end the vote to evict Paulie was unanimous at 5to 0.

When it came time to open his envelope we saw One Way Ticket so Paulie is off to the jury where he will be reunited with his showmance, Zakiyah. Julie Chen asked if he had been playing her all summer, which he claims he wasn't.

He did, however, admit that he felt no emotional attachment to her. From the things he said, and didn't say, Julie told us that Paulie will not be pursuing a relationship with Zakiyah outside of the Big Brother house.

So who had the Round Trip Ticket and what is the next twist?

Remember when Paul was the one that broke the code to gain entry to the Secret Room first? Yep. He picked the correct envelope too.

The ticket expired tonight and this twist is over. Julie did announce the next twist tonight. There will be a competition for one of the first 5 jury members to rejoin the Big Brother game. Already social media is blowing up about this because of the possibility we end up having Paulie come back into the house. Many viewers are vowing to boycott the show if Paulie is allowed to return to the game.

No HOH competition has been held yet

The show ended with the houseguests milling about the house. This is usually when the HOH competition is already underway. They may be waiting to have the contest until after the delivery of the care package. The houseguests have no idea who the winner of the upcoming Head of Householdwill be sharing thisweek as HOH with the recipient of the next America's Care Package.

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