The first five evictees took each other on in a Battle Back to return to the Big Brother house. Victor was the winner and came back in with a whole new strategy. Tonight is the Battle Back for the first five members of the jury, which includes Victor yet againas the most recent evictee.

During the live eviction, we watched Victor be voted out of the Big Brother house in a 2 to 1 vote with James casting the one vote that could have saved him. With the chance for a Round Trip Ticket out of play, he thought it was curtains for him.

But alas! The Battle Back is announced and he along with Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette and Paulie get a chance at resurrection in an epic live battle of endurance.

Battle Back leads to a Big Brother 1st!

The competition was a two in one. The jurors battled to outlast each other to be the last juror left in the competition. Once that was determined, any houseguests still in the competition went on to battle against the returning juror to become the new Big Brother HOH. Da'Vonne and Zakiyah held hands and jumped down quitting the competition.

Shortly after, Bridgette fell leaving Victor and Paulie to continue the competition. Paulie and Victor both struggled but Paulie fell first. Once Victor knew he was back in the house, he fell as well. For the Superfans- Big Brother history was made tonight as Victor has now entered the game a record three times!

Who is the new Big BrotherHOH?

According to Joker's Updates, the competition came down toJames and Nicole.

James wanted the win so that he would have four wall comps under his belt while Nicole just wanted the letter. They both swore safety and loyalty to each other's showmance in earshot of all the Big Brother houseguests. After 2 hours and 3 minutes, Nicole was crowned HOH. James threw it so she could hear from her mom, Jenny.

Now thatVictor has again won the Battle Back, andNicole is the new HOH we will definitely see some shake up in the Big Brother house.

Paul and Victor should continue to be secret allies with a showmance as their target. Natalie (James and Natalie) and Nicorey (Nicole and Corey) should continueto target Paul and Victor.

Hopefully, Victor receives thelast America's Care Package to give him an advantage for the week. With having won 2 Battle Back competitions, he will havea target on his back for sure.

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