The "Big Brother" house has been relatively quiet this summer. We have seen the houseguests rally together to get out several of the competitors. The thing is, they didn't realize Paulie was pulling the strings and making the decisions. Each week he managed to execute a plan and have the houseguests push it through and no one put it together that he was playing his way to the grand prize.

What started the late night talks?

Last night James and Natalie opened up the lines of communication that may change the game. A talk between the showmance that started out about James not giving Natalie attention all day ended up about Paulie and some of the things he has said.

As the two compared notes, they realized how many lies there were. As other houseguests joined the conversation, even more Paulie lies came to light.

James has finally realized the reason he was chosen for America's Care Package this week. Being given the ability to cancel two votes at the live eviction gives him the power to flip the house. He plans to not disappoint us and make a move that will get the tide rolling in a new direction.

Michelle and Zakiyah remain on the block going into the live eviction tomorrow night. The plan up until now has been to evict Michelle but really that isn't what is best for most of the remaining "Big Brother 18"houseguests. As they begin to look at their own game instead of what they are told, James and Natalie realize getting Zakiyah out is what is best for them.

Paul and Bridgette feel the same way and are on board.

Who will James use his care package prize for?

James has the power to take away the votes of two of his fellow "Big Brother" houseguests. If Paulie is cancelled out, there goes a vote for Zakiyah to stay. The only other options would be Nicole and Corey for the second cancelled vote.Paulie has been a dominant force in the game since the very beginning.

He is a strong competitor and plays a great social game. However, he does not have the stellar reputation with fans that he thinks he has. He crossed the line of being manipulative and became cruel several times.

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