The Head of Household competition was held very late last night. According to Joker's Updates Natalie is the winner and is crowned the new HOH. James, Paul and Victor had discussed throwing it to her once Corey and Nicole were eliminated. She won the comp with such ease that she asked the houseguests if they all threw it to her and Meech said she hadn't.

What are the new HOH's plans?

On the live feeds Natalie surprisingly talked with James about nominating Victor and Paul with Paul being the target. Natalie plans to talk to Victor about it in advance. She feels they can trust Nicole and Corey as their new allies in the Big Brother house!Also on the live feeds we saw Victor and Paul discussing their concerns that something didn't feel right in the house.

Victor is staying positive but is nervous about Natalie's nominations. Paul is convinced that Nicole has won Natalie over and has some influence over her. He isn't far from the truth on this either.

We have been voting all week for the recipient of America's Care Package. Today was the day for the delivery to the Big Brother house. America has given the Co-HOH prize to Michelle!

Are the Co-HOH's in agreement?

Natalie and Michelle, in discussing the nomination possibilities, have differing opinions. Michelle has said that she would never put up Victor and doesn't feel safe with Nicole and Corey. Natalie is willing to have Victor be a pawn to get Paul out but wouldn't nominate Nicole and Corey because she feels with Paulie and Zakiyah gone they will latch on to her and James for safety.The Big Brother Co-HOH's don't necessarily have to agree on the nominees.

We could see them agree to disagree and each put up a nominee that would better their own individualgame.

There will be no chance for a tie in the votes for eviction this week so there is only one time there may be a conflict in naming nominees. In the event the Power of Veto is used this week the Co-HOH's would have to agree on a replacement nominee.

Will the two have to resort to a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide whoto put in the line of fire?

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