After the live eviction of Da'Vonne the "Big Brother" houseguests began an epic battle of endurance to determine which would be the new Head of Household (HOH). The last two remaining in the game were Victor and Natalie. The negotiations began as they always do at that point but both remained determined to get a letter from home. Natalie was in a lot of pain from hanging and swinging on the disc as the internet trolls ran below. Eventually she agreed to give it to Victor for the promise of safety for the week.

Who is on the block?

At the Nomination Ceremony, with Paul wearing the Mardi Gras beads thathe received in his HOH basket, Victor fulfilled his duty of nominating two of his fellow houseguests for eviction from the "Big Brother" house. As he turned the keys the pictures of both Michelle and Zakiyah appeared. Michelle was very upset about being on the block. Zakiyah, on the other hand, remained well composed after the ceremony was complete.

The Power of Veto (POV) competition is always critical to the nominees.

The "Big Brother" houseguest that earns the POV will have the option to veto one of the HOH's nominees. A replacement nominee will be named by theHOH, often leading tobackdooring a houseguest.

Who holds the POV?

Paulie, being the fierce competitor he is,has again won the POV. Zakiyah still doesn't realize he throws her under the bus behind her back and played a big role in the nominations that put her on the block.

Last night, according to "Joker's Updates" Paulie told Zakiyah that he hadn't yet decided if he will use the POV. She asked when he planned on telling her this and he told her that she knows he normally takes a break on Saturday but would have said something before Monday. Hopefully, Zakiyah will realize that Paulie doesn't have her best interest at heart before it is too late.

The "Big Brother" houseguests know that a double eviction is coming up soon but aren't sure of when.

It will be this Thursday night! The whole game will be shaken up after this twist.

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