He ran the game. Paulie Calafiore was the frontrunner from the beginning in the Big Brother 18 house. He developed strong allies, played a great social game, showed that he was a great competitor. But then....he couldn't keep the front up and it was game over for him.Upon exiting the Big Brother house Paulie had the chance to speak with US Weekly. He gave his opinions not only on his own game but his thoughts on some of the houseguests.

Does Paulie see a future for Natalie and James?

According to US Weekly, Paulie said that Natalie said several times she would only be friends with James outside the house.

He claimed that she is using James to further her game and actually has no romantic interest in him. On Joker's Updates, however, there are always posts about the quiet conversations between the two.

In that same interview Paulie acknowledged that his showmance with Zakiyah was very tumultuous but the problem, as he sees it, was that she was jealous and territorial. He plans to keep in touch with her outside the house. Paulie also plans on keeping the date with her for his best friend's wedding next summer.

He reminded US Weekly that Zakiyah had told him she had never been to a wedding and he asked her to attend that one with him. We will have to wait and see if Zakiyah is still interested after she watches some video of him trash talking her before and after her eviction.

Paulie on regrets

When asked about regrets Paulie first said he had none because he doesn't live life with regrets. He then went on to say that he thinks he should have repaired his relationship with Michelle the week she was on the block as well as making sure his allies stayed focused on their plan.

When asked if he would ever be willing to return to the Big Brother house he agreed he would if nothing else interfered with the schedule. He made no mention of all the rules he broke or how shamefully disrespectful he was to his fellow houseguests. As superfans, we can hope the last we see of Paulie Calafiore is on finale night when he casts a vote for the winner of Big Brother 18.

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