Paulie had the game all wrapped up. He had a great social game as well as being a beast at the competitions. He had a way of getting others to execute his plans and them believe it was for their benefit. Then it all blew up. Instead of maintaining his role and playing the part, his true personality came through and his fate was sealed. Now we are back to it being anyone's game.


Nicole entered the Big Brother house for her second seasonsaying she was single and wouldn't be distracted by a guy this time. As we all saw, that didn't last long. She spends all her time cuddling with Corey and has not showed up to play the game yet.

No wins, no moves,and very littlestrategizing to get something accomplished. She is floating and calls it playing Dan's game.

Corey, Nicole's showmance, proved his loyalty to the guys at double eviction when he managed to win both HOH and POV. He used that opportunity to evict Bridgette from the Big Brother house rather than make a move to further himself in the game. Other than that, he is as uninvolved in the game as Nicole has been.

James, who was America's Favorite in his first season, is playing this year but not like he did last time. He strategizes and helps to execute plans. He isn't afraid to stand up for what he feels will better his game but there is still not the passion and prankster we first met in his original season.

Natalie is super sweet and has won over America and her fellow Big Brother houseguests. She has a great social game and that has brought her far already. She may outlast her showmance partner, James, at this point.

Flying solo

Michelle has proven she is a force to be reckoned with. She is mouthy, unafraid to say what she thinks and brutally honest.

Now if she will win an HOH and a POV and make a move. She obviously has it in her to pull it off. We have seen her at her weakest come out fighting.


Paul was a big player in some of Paulie's plans. He did more to help Paulie than anyone else and realized he was being used. Some Big Brother houseguestsare wondering if he can be trusted, however, because they are starting to put together Paul's lies during the time with Paulie.

Victor won the Battle Back into the Big Brother house and has managed to redefine himself in the game. He has made the biggest move of the summer and did it with integrity. Victor has what it takes to win the $500,000 but will the houseguests leave him in to make the finals or will they feel he has been given 2 chances to their 1 and evict him?

A poll was done on Hollywood Reporter that predicts Paul will emerge the winner of Big Brother 18. Of course, we don't know yet which jury member will be returning to the game.

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