Natalie Negrotti, 26 years old, a Venezuelan beauty that currently lives in Franklin Park, New Jersey is one of the houseguests on Big Brother. She came in bubbly, happy, always with a smile. She quickly joined the Spy Girls with Bronte D'Acquistoand Bridgette Dunning.

Paulie's last week in the Big Brother house we saw a side to her that we hadn't seen before. Maybe because she spent the first part of the game staying off the radar. She was very social with everyone in the house and had a flirty air about her with all the guys.

Natalie didn't pose a threat to anyone. Natalie and James were settling into their showmance and she was in a great position.

Upping the ante to get action?

Natalie spent a lot of pillow talk time with James discussing how little she actually trusted Paulie. James, being loyal to the all-guy alliance, never took the bait. Her next move was to bring up the sexual innuendos and mutual flirtations, downplaying her part and exaggerating Paulie's. The Big Brotherlive feeders saw a lot more than was put on TV but even the editing showed a flirty moment between thetwo as Natalie rolled over to her stomach by the pool.

Is this becoming a pattern?

According to Medium Corporation, Paul is another one she changed her mind about. Paulie had called out Paul on touching Natalie on her thigh. Paul admitted he had while Natalie said it hadn't happened. Natalie claimed her relationship with Paul was like thatof siblings. Well, her story has changed and now she admits Paul did in fact touch her thigh several timesbut claims she made the decision to lie because she wanted to make sure Paulie was evicted that week.

Paulie fans had claimed that Natalie was using her sexuality against him in order to get him out of the Big Brother house. James wouldn't do what she wanted so she made the story worse. Paulie fans are now left to watch and see if it works with Paul.

The problem with women using claims ofsexual harassment to get what they want are obvious. This is a powerful accusation and shouldn't be tossed out lightlyor when the problem behavioris actually encouraged.

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