Each summer the viewers are given a chance to change things up in the "Big Brother" house. This year is no different. We have been given the opportunity to vote each week on which houseguest will receive America's Care Package. Each package will contain something that gives the recipient an advantage in the game.

The thing is, once a houseguest receives a Care Package, they will not be able to get another one. In order to know which "Big Brother" houseguest should be awarded the Care Packageeach week, wouldn't it be nice if we knew the prizes? Maybe we want this player to receive apackage week3 but that player to get the package on week 4.

Here they are! Look them over and decide which player you want to have what advantage.

What is in America's Care Package each week?

Week 1 - A Never Not Pass. The holder will not be a Have Not for the rest of the summer. No slop, no sleeping in a bumper car and no cold showers. NOTE: This was awarded to Natalie.

Week 2 - Eliminate Two Eviction Votes. The holderwill have the power to stop two of their fellow "Big Brother" houseguests from voting in the eviction next week. NOTE: We are currently voting for the recipient of this package.Voting ends on August 5th at 10AM PST, 1PM EST.

Week 3 - Super Safety. The holder will be sporting a"Super Safety" costume all week to remind everyone that they received safety in their Care Package.

Week4 - Co-HOH. The holder will be the Co-HOH for the rest of the weekand will choose one of the nominees for eviction.

Week 5 - $5K Bribe Money. The holder will be given $5K to bribe a fellow "Big Brother" houseguest.The one time bribe can be for any one act - a vote, nominations, evictions or a competition.

How to vote for America's Care Package recipient

You can vote up to 20 times per day for the "Big Brother" houseguest of your choiceat the official "Big Brother" website via CBS.

Remember to choose wisely! Which houseguest we give what power to could have a major impact on the game! Either way, tuning in will be the one way to see who gets what.

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