Social media is buzzing over items missing in the Big Brotherhouse. According to these posts, Michelle admitted to being the house thief on Saturday saying she was going to sell the items on EBay at the end of the season. There is so much outrage over this that fans have been demanding that Michelle be removed from the house, have her bags searched and issue apologies. All of this was sent to the two Executive Producers - Allison Grodner and Chris Roach, Casting Director Robyn Kassting, Hostess Julie Chen and even Fly On The Wall Productions.

What did Michelle actually say?

According to, there was a problem with the feeds for a bit and they were unable to review.

With the help of some fans who got their rewind to work, her statement was reviewed. What she actually had said to Natalie was that she had DNA samples of everyone in the house and would sell them on EBay when she gets home. All of the outrage and it turns out to be a simple misquote.

What all is missing?

There is still the issue of missing items in the Big Brother house. A few days ago Natalie mentioned she is missing her swimsuit bottoms and was already missing a dress andfake eyelashes.Paul said he is missing a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of $300 sunglasses.

Corey is missing a pair of shorts and sunglasses. Frank was looking for his shirts before he left. Zakiyah lost a dress, a romper, and a shirt while in the house. Pieces of some of Nicole's swimsuits are gone. Da'Vonne couldn't find her shirt when she left so she took Paul's.

We know for sure Michelle did take a shirt from Tiffany prior to her being evicted. Michelle said the night of the double eviction she had removed the shirt she was wearing from Tiffany's bag before she left and wondered what Tiffany would think when she saw it on TV.

That coupled with the time James opened her suitcase looking for his shirt and it was on top in her luggage wadded up. She has the attention on herself with her own bad actions, but she didn't say that she was taking items from everyone to sell.

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