Natalie won the Head of Household Competition and Michelle received America's Care Package making her the Co-HOH. The two will share the power for the week, each being responsible for nominating a Big Brother houseguest for eviction. Sounds easy right? Well, not really. They each have a different agenda and want to nominate who the other trusts.

Natalie has pushed hard to get Paul and Victor both on the block together with Paul being the target. Michelle insisted they tell Victor the plan and make sure he knew hewas not the target. He, of course, told them what we are all thinking, that Nicole and Corey will vote to evict him if he is sitting on the block on Thursday.

So who got nominated for eviction?

At the Nomination Ceremony each of the Co-HOHs had to name a nominee. Natalie nominated Victor and Michelle nominated Paul. According to Joker's Updates Michelle gave a questionable speech when she nominated Paul. She called him a liar, a manipulator and an atheist that swears to God. Paul was very offended by the speech and Michelle wished she could redo the speech.

The Power of Veto is always critical for those on the block. This week that is true as well. If Victor is on the block on Thursday he will more than likely be evicted because he is such a strong player. If Victor manages to come off the block, Paul should be the one leaving. Nicole and Corey will look out for each other first and James is already leaning towards getting the powerhouse Victor out again.

2nd Battle Back of the season

Thursday night will not only be the live eviction but also the 2nd Battle Back of the Big Brother season. Remember Victor was evicted in week 2 and earned his way back in during the battle of the first 5 evictees.On Thursday after the live evictionwe will have 5 members of the jury.

They will be given the opportunity to battle their way back into the house. At the end of that hour we will still have 7 Big Brother houseguests which putsthe game on track for a Sept 22nd finale.

Let's just suppose for a second that Victor gets evicted on Thursday. It would be a Big Brother first for a houseguest to return twice in one season if he could win his way back in yet again!

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