Every season Big Brother pushes the live feeds. They promise 24-hour access but don't deliver. The display the fish and trivia when competitions are held so that no one can see the comp before the show. But...that isn't the only time we get fish or trivia.

Why else do they cut the feeds?

Of course, the feeds will be cut if a Big Brother houseguest is singing. Live feeders can hear the houseguests being called out with a computer generated voice when they are told "Stop that," "Put on your microphone," "You are not allowed to talk about production" and the tons of other pre-recorded messages.

The thing is, they often stop the feeds when a houseguest begins to talk about something they don't want us to hear.An example would be when one of them is telling a fellow houseguest that they feel the Diary Room is trying to sway their decision in a particular direction.

Every morning we see fish and trivia while the houseguests are woken up for the day. What is happening? We know they get to wake up music but what is being said? Can Big Brother talk to the occupants of one room and exclude the other rooms in the house?

Remember when Big Brother told the Nerd Herd, "Get up, bitches!"

Why are some conversations stopped but others allowed to continue? Often there is no pre-recorded message, but the feeds cut on a conversation and seem to come back just as that conversation is ending. Is Big Brother using the ability to turn feeds off to hide something?

Why does Big Brother allow inappropriate behavior?

We see it with someone every season.

This year we saw Pauliespew a slew of personal attacks on his fellow houseguests. We were allowed to hear it all and see how terrible he really was. The viewers of the show, however, never got the true feel for how bad it really was. Anyone only watching the tv series wouldn't understand what just happened in the Big Brother house.

We see videos being released on YouTube of the Big Brother houseguests having sex, the women changing female hygiene products, etc.

Why are the feeds not being cut and a degree of privacy given? Especially to the women who are simply using good personal hygiene? And what about simple acts like changing clothes?

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