James Huling, 31, returned to the Big Brother house this season for a 2nd attempt at the grand prize of $500,000. His first stay was during season 17 when we fell in love with him.

Last season on Big Brother 17

James was the Big Brotherhouse prankster. He always had a prank of something going in the house and you would hear laughter and someone screaming his name. There was no one else to even consider, it was always James.He played a good game showing his honesty and integrity. It was important to him that his daughter be able to see the show and not see her father doing something he shouldn't or send her the wrong message.

His baby momma was supportive and posted on social media all summer to support him and cheer him on. How could we not love the refreshing air he brought to this twisted game we love.

James teamed up with Meg and though the two were not a showmance, they could arguably be called America's Sweethearts of the Big Brotherseason. Both were funny and adorable. In the end neither won the game but James was voted as America's Favorite.

James's change this summer

This season the same loveable James showed up.

He was again adorable and funny, making it seem as if we had another fun summer of James to look forward to. Things started to change, however.James is in a Big Brothershowmance with Natalie. They are a really cute couple. As far as the showmances go this season, they are truly the only one that has shown enough respect for each other and their families not to have sex on camera. In a conversation about it, James told Natalie that America knows he isn't like that and that she has more class than that.

The problem we are seeing with James lately is his lack of loyalty. He has always been an honest player until now. Now we see him scheme behind the back of the one he just smiled to. He tells Natalie things he will say to them on their way out the door. He is showing that he can be vicious and two-faced.

The Big Brother game is one of manipulation and scheming. We see that year after year. Watching James change this summer isn't unexpected at this point in the game but it is disappointing.

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