Angel Brinks has finally squashed the beef she had with "Basketball Wives LA" veteran Malaysia Pargo. Now it looks like she's opened a whole new can of worms with Jackie Christie. All of Brinks' drama stems from her VH1 co-stars commissioning her to make dresses for them and then not liking the final product. Will Angel be able to smooth things over with Jackie or should she take this as a lesson and stop designing clothes for the "BBWLA" crew?

Angel Brinks creates another dress for the 'BBWLA' cast

Jackie asked Angel to create a new dress for her to wear during filming of a fifth anniversary event that she would be attending. In a sneak peek released by VH1, Jackie reveals that she is just hours away from needing to wear the dress in question and she hasn't even seen it yet. That's because Angel Brinks didn't even get finished with the dress until just a few hours before Christie's anniversary event.

Jackie was complaining because she literally showed up wearing a trench coat and Ugg boots, waiting for her dress to arrive.

It didn't go over well for the "Basketball Wives LA" star that her dress wasn't ready and that she hadn't even tried it on yet. How does she even know that it would fit?

"This is a disaster. As a sponsor for the event, I need to look good…And as of this moment, I don’t have a dress," Jackie said during the "BBWLA" sneak peek.

Will the dress fit Jackie Christie?

Angel Brinks is able to get the dress delivered to Jackie just in the nick of time.

Of course, that didn't end the drama and there were some questions about whether or not the dress would even fit. Eventually, Jackie was able to get the dress on and even though there were questions about whether the dress would be too small or not, was able to get it to fit. Naturally, the "Basketball Wives LA" star complained about how tight the fit was though.

Many fans of the VH1 reality show are wondering why Angel Brinks would even want to take a dress order from Jackie Christie.

It's no secret that the "Basketball Wives LA" star creates way more drama than she fixes and the dress drama couldn't possibly end well. Or maybe, this time around, Jackie was actually happy with her dress design and the complaining will be minimal.

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