Barbra Streisand is one of those performing artists who have entertained tens of millions of people for decades with her singing and acting who then proceeds to undermine themselves by expressing off the wall political opinions. Her latest, according to Breitbart, was when she told Michael Usher on ’60 Minutes’ that she would move to Australia or Canada if Donald Trump is elected president.

To be sure, Streisand is heavily invested in Hillary Clinton becoming president because she would become the first woman POTUS.

She cannot understand why Trump “insults her right and left.” Trump is rude and brash most of the time, but he does present convincing arguments for why Clinton should never be president, not the least of which is her Tony Soprano approach to government.

One is hard pressed to find an example of Streisand protesting when Sarah Palin endured misogynist attacks from members of her industry.

Streisand is not the first or only celebrity to threaten to go into exile should a Republican be elected president.

Alec Baldwin is said to have threatened to leave if George W. Bush were to be elected, a statement that he later denied having made when Bush was elected and Baldwin declined to move.

Oddly, no corresponding threats have ever been made when a Democrat is elected. Life in America has been bleak under Barack Obama and would be bleaker still if Hillary Clinton were to follow him, but Americans have pretty much decided to stick things out and hope for happier times.

One of the reasons for people staying and, in some cases, fighting is that countries, where free markets and individual liberty are cherished, are few and far between.

One could be forgiven for suggesting that the prospect of Streisand and a number of other annoying people leaving constitutes a persuasive argument for voting for Trump. But, modern communications will allow anyone anywhere to get face time no matter if they live in Southern California or Brisbane or Vancouver.

If Trump gets in and a flight of movie stars and musicians occurs, it will not matter one iota. The gesture will be just another annoying slap across the faces of their fan base as they abandon the country that nurtured them and made them rich and famous just because someone they don’t like resides in the Oval Office.

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