During this past season of 'The Bachlorette' we got to know Jordan Rodgers. He was a contestant vying for the love of Jo Jo Fletcher. As they two dated throughout the season they did a lot of talking, as all couples do as they grow closer. During an off camera conversation between the two, Jordan revealed a family secret to JoJo. Apparently there is some tension between the Green Bay Packer starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers and his parents.

What does the family say the problem is?

The family has not spoken openly about any issues. Aaron Rodgers is upset because his brother aired the dirty laundry in public.

According to 'US Weekly', the only thing Dad Ed Rodgers has said was during Jo Jo Fletcher's hometown visit with Jordan to Chico, California, which aired on July 18th. He stated, "Fame can change you".

Family insider spills the beans over the drama

According to a friend of the family, the problem comes down to Aaron Rodger's famous girlfriend. He has been dating Olivia Munn for two years and she does not have a good relationship with his family. The source explained, thatMunn"has a strong personality and every meeting she has had with them has gone badly".

Another insider offered, "The family says Aaron stopped talking to them. Aaron says they don't talk because his family doesn't like Olivia".

On the other side of the broken relationship, a source for Olivia Munn says, "Aaron makes his own decisions and wouldn't be swayed by Olivia".

Either way, the lines of communication are broken. We are lead to believe that neither is reaching out to the other to try to mend the problems. Aaron Rodgers became very upset that his brother revealed this, even though it was in an off camera conversation.

Sources say that Jo Jo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have felt the stress of the situation with Aaron as it plays out in the media. They have had to focus on themselves right now as their relationship goes public. Hopefully Aaron will be reunited with the family soon as Jo Jo becomes part of the Rodgers family as well.

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