Jordan Rodgers may have earned JoJo Fletcher's final rose on ABC's The Bachelorette 2016 season, but he also earned a lot of criticism via social media as buzz about possible fidelity issues emerged. Gossip guru Reality Steve shared a lot of information throughout filming and the airing of JoJo and Jordan's season, and now Rodgers' ex-girlfriend is speaking up again herself. What has she shared?

What is Jordan Rodgers' ex saying now about the Bachelorettewinner?

The night of the Bachelorette premiere, Jordan Rodgers' ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar took to Instagram to call out the star when he talked about why his last relationship failed.

While Jordan's romance with Brittany played out a couple of years ago, she didn't take kindly to his saying that his career drove them apart. She accused him of cheating on her, and that type of issue became a recurring them via various reports of Rodgers' off-screen behavior.

Despite plenty of rumors about a split, JoJo and Jordan say that they are together, happy, and engaged, and they are said to be living in Dallas, Texas together. However, Rodgers has faced additional questions about having cheated on girls, with some buzz that he even cheated on Fletcher, and he has continued to defend himself.

After the latest round of media post-finale, it seems that Brittany decided it was time to share more specifics.

Farrar took to Instagram to share a couple of posts blasting her ex-boyfriend and Reality Steve made sure to share them.

She shares a receipt for a large flower arrangement that Jordan allegedly sent to a girl he met while doing a cameo for the film Pitch Perfect, and Brittany shares screenshots of texts showing that she was still in a relationship with him at the time that he was having this other romance. She also alleges that this was just one of multiple times she discovered that he had been cheating on her.

Will thisBachelorette relationship run into trouble over this?

Some Bachelorette fans say that these issues from two years ago are old news and that Farrar should let go and move on. However, Brittany says that she is speaking up now because of how this has all impacted her own personal life, and she says that Jordan chose to make all of this public with his version of what went down, so she is just standing up for herself now.

Will JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers be able to put all of this talk behind them and happily live out a fairytale Bachelorette romance, or is their relationship destined to fail?

Could they soon be planning a wedding like fellow "Bachelor Nation" stars Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell seem to be doing, or will they ultimately split like most couples from the franchise do? Should Brittany Farrar have kept quiet about her past issues with this bachelor, or was she right to stick up for herself?

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