Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell fell in love and got engaged during their Bachelor finale last winter and they are now filming a show of their own set to debut this fall. These two seem to be doing quite well together and many fans are anxious to start hearing specifics regarding a wedding. What's the latest about their plans to tie the knot?

Have the Bachelor stars settled on a date yet?

During their After the Final Rose special and in various interviews shortly after their finale, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell hinted that a wedding likely would come sooner rather than later.


For a while, there were even rumors that they might get married this summer. Once the news emerged about their Freeform network show Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After, a fair number of Bachelor fans started to suspect that they would get married later this year and that the wedding would coincide with the finale of their show.

A wedding coming before the end of the year would be exciting news for Bachelor fans, but a new interview with Lauren hyping the debut of her new blog makes it sound as if they are going to be waiting a bit longer.


As People shares, she and Ben have not set a specific wedding date yet. She adds that it will happen and that 2017 is looking like their year. Despite rumors of conflict early on, these two seem like a solid pair ready to start planning for a future together and their supporters are thrilled.

How much planning has the Bachelor couple done so far?

The couple's fans may be disappointed to hear that the Bachelor lovebirds are seemingly looking at next year to wed, but people should not feel too discouraged quite yet.

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Previous interviews have included mentions of a winter wedding, a common timeline for franchise weddings, so there is a possibility that Ben and Lauren could get married in early 2017. Some have already eyed trips to Los Angeles that the two have made as possible signs that the planning process has started, but it seems that things are still in the early stages.

She shared via Us Weekly that they think they have a general location pinned down, and that planning would start in earnest this month.

She has also hinted that some of the planning process may well be incorporated into the couple's upcoming show. Ben and Lauren had an engagement party in her hometown of Portland, Oregon recently and Bachelor fans are feeling pretty confident that a wedding will happen not too far down the road.

Do you think Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell will be getting married? Will this Bachelor wedding get the full televised network treatment or will they showcase the nuptials on their separate Freeform network show?


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