Love is blooming this summer on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise and the couple who seems to be generating the most buzz is Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton. The two connected as soon as he hit the beach and spoilers tease that they may just be the next big thing to come out of the franchise. Gossip guru Reality Steve has been sharing scoop on Josh and Amanda's status and he recently detailed a bit of juicy information.

What is the status of Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton'sBachelor in Paradiserelationship now?

According to Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton not only stay together through the rest of this season, they get engaged in the finale. They are one of three couples who supposedly make that bold move, and fans will be curious to see if all three can eventually make it down the aisle. Steve says that Josh and Amanda are still together and they are spending a great deal of time together.

The gossip guru recently shared Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicating that Josh has been living with Amanda in California for now, and the two have been spotted out together more than once already. Ultimately, however, it seems that Amanda is planning to move to Atlanta, Georgia where Murray is based once the show's finale airs.

This buzz about a move to Georgia has definitely gotten Bachelor in Paradise fans talking, especially because Stanton has two young girls who would then be moved away from their father and extended family.

Some fans have wondered if her family has met Josh, and Reality Steve says that they have indeed. Will they really support her decision to move away from California though?

Will Amanda Stanton stick with Josh Murray afterBachelor in Paradise?

Amanda may be determined to stand by Josh's side both during Season 3 and in their real lives, despite this outing of the franchise showing him in a less positive light than what he demonstrated during The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman.

Is he going to be able to repair his image thanks to his engagement to Stanton, or will she eventually discover the side that Dorfman claimed she experienced off-camera?

There is still plenty more action on the way with Bachelor in Paradise before the finale airs and once that has wrapped, fans will be dying to see if Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray really do make a go of their engagement, with her daughters, in Georgia. Do you think it's a mistake for her to be considering such a big step already?

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