Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Season 3 have teased that there will be multiple engagements in the finale and from the sound of things, each of the couples remains together at this point post-filming. Gossip guru Reality Steve has shared that there are three engagements at the end of the season and one pair, in particular, is making little to no effort to keep things under wraps. What's the scoop?

WhichBachelor in Paradise couple keeps being spotted together?

Reality Steve's spoilers have detailed that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton get engaged, and given how things are playing out on-screen at this point, that probably doesn't come as a huge surprise.

The Bachelor in Paradise pair has been seen together more than once since filming wrapped, and now they were even seen at a Kansas City Chiefs game together. As franchise fans surely remember, Josh's brother Aaron Murray plays for the Chiefs.Additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve note that for now, Josh is living in California with Amanda. However, the buzz is that the pair plans to move to Atlanta once their season has finished airing.

Will thisBachelor in Paradisepair really last?

Murray is based in Atlanta, and some fans are already questioning the wisdom of Stanton taking her two little girls away from their father and extended family to move to Georgia to be with Josh. Of course, folks will have to wait a bit to see whether or not that move actually happens.

Even Jade Roper Tolbert, who fell in love with Tanner Tolbert last summer during Season 2, noted that things seem quite different this time around with the couples.

She tweeted about how she had to hide out at Tanner's house last summer after they got engaged in their finale, whereas Josh and Amanda and the other pairs from Season 3 don't seem to be making an effort at all to hide.

Will Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton end up going the distance and getting married? Their romance continues as the rest of Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise plays out and viewers are quite anxious to see where things head for these two.

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