The Bachelor In Paradisepremiere was last week. We have already gotten the scoop on who fell in love on the show. If you don't want to know which couples end up engaged this season, don't go any further.

Who is making no effort to hide their relationship?

Amanda Stanton is a very sweet single mom. She had adate with Josh Murray's rival, Nick Vail. Once Josh arrived in Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise, Nick was quickly replaced by him. The relationship between Amanda and Josh blossomed, and engagement was the result.

Josh has relocated to Orange County and is currently living with Amanda and her children. They have been seen several times out shopping at the local Target store and standing in line at a local business.

Recently they took her children to the Orange County Fair. The two have said they plan to buy a house in Josh's hometown of Atlanta.

There is lots of speculation around this "Bachelor In Paradise"engagement, however. Josh had a rough breakup with Andi Dorfman. He then starred in VH1's reality show "Famously Single".

It leads some fans to believe that he is more interested in fame than he is love.

Who else got engaged in Mexico?

Lace Morriswas on "The Bachelor" last season and become known as the head case in the house. She has hit it off with Grant Kemp, and the two are engaged. According to "TMZ" he recently flew to Denver to visit Lace. The two were seen together at the pool of her apartment complex and didn't hide the nature of their relationship from on-lookers.

Carly has faced heartbreak several times on both "The Bachelor" and on "Bachelor In Paradise". This time, she has left Mexico with a fiance'. Evan Bass proposed, and Carly accepted. The two have been much more low-key than the other couples, but there is still evidence that they are spending time together now that the taping is over. Each has tweeted showing pictures of the same kitchen.

"Bachelor In Paradise" doesn't have an excellent track record of happily married couples.

The first season Marcus Grodd and Lacey Faddoul married, but that ended earlier this year. Grodd says she walked out on the marriage for no reason. From last season we have Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who are still married.

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