'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Lace Morris and Grant Kemp just blew a major show spoiler for fans. The pair was spotted together in a very compromising position just two days before the show began airing, oops!

Two 'BiP' house guest made a huge blunder!

However, they have what they believe is a very good excuse for violating the show's rules to live by, and it is a huge spoiler! So here is your chance to turn back now. The reason that Lace and Grant have been spending time together is that they are engaged to be married! The couple was spotted enjoying a day of fun and sun at a pool outside of an apartment complex on Sunday in Denver.

Lace and Grant outed!

Witnesses on hand revealed that the two were canoodling, and flirting, and appeared to be in their own little corner of the world, ignoring all around them. Which is most likely the reason these two could be in some very hot water with ABC. Sources stated that Grant made a special trip to see Lace. It was also revealed that Lace already has made plans to move to Los Angeles, where the two will live together in the very near future.

ABC not thrilled

So, how will this affect the show?

It appears that "Bachelor in Paradise" showrunners are none too thrilled about this latest development. It was made very clear from the get-go that all house guests were absolutely 100 percent to avoid all contact in public, that is until the season had aired.

In the new season teaser trailer you can see three men's hands holding out engagement rings, and it just so happens that Grant is one of the men. Talk about spoiling the finale! Some media sites have revealed that they have reached out to ABC, but the network just is not talking about this matter to anyone at this time.

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This is a very interesting development, if you haven't watched the first episode just yet, here comes another spoiler you may want to avoid. Ready? Lace totally blew off Grant during the season opener, instead opting to hook up with the resident bad boy Chad. Whatever roads the show takes this season at least we know two things, Lace does not stay with Chad, and Grant wins Lace's heart in the end.

What do you think about Lace and Grant blowing the mystery of the "Bachelor in Paradise" this season?

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