Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are toying with a romance on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers tease that big things are on the way for this duo, but they certainly got off to a rough start together in Mexico. They started down a bit of a different path during the most recent episode and viewers are anxious to know what lies ahead for them.

Will thisBachelor in Paradise couple last?

According to gossip guru Reality Steve, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell will be spending a lot of time together as the reason of the season progresses. Fans had been doubting his Bachelor in Paradise spoilers on this front for a while, given how things were going early on for Carly and Evan, but it is easy to see now that things are turning around a bit.

Just how serious will things get between Waddell and Bass? Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that during the finale, they end up getting engaged. That may come as a bit of a shocker for viewers, and the buzz is that two other couples get engaged as well while some others currently sharing sparks will falter. Could Carly and Evan actually last though?

Could Carly find lasting love this time onBachelor in Paradise?

Many fans thought that Waddell had found love last summer with fellow contestant Kirk DeWindt, but he blindsided her with a split toward the end of the season. In this case, however, she is said to find a relationship that has a bit more potential to last. After initially not liking Evan's kisses, Carly has come to enjoy them and she even joked about it via her Instagram page.

Whether those good kisses will translate to a walk down the aisle, however, remains to be seen.

It may take a while yet before Bachelor in Paradise viewers get to see whether these two last, but Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that they are still together at this point. They do both live in the Nashville, Tennessee area, which could give them a leg up in terms of making their relationship last.

Do you think Carly Waddell and Evan Bass will end up walking down the aisle at some point like her bestie Jade Roper did with Tanner Tolbert after Season 2?

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