Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Week 3 tease that there are shakeups on the way and fans will not want to miss what comes next. Evan Bass was last seen approaching Amanda Stanton as she was making out with Josh Murray and the August 15 show has plenty of drama that will have viewers buzzing.

Can Evan Bass come between a newly-formedBachelor in Paradise couple?

Does Evan snag Amanda away from Josh? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from gossip guru Reality Steve indicate that this really heads nowhere, but Murray seemingly ends up pretty agitated by the interruption.

Things looked like they were over already between Evan and Carly Waddell, but teasers indicate that somehow a second chance may emerge for this potential relationship as at the rose ceremony, she gives him her rose.

Reality Steve's spoilers share that Christian Bishop and Brandon Andreen are eliminated at the rose ceremony, and soon Caila Quinn will be added to the mix of things. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Caila immediately connects with Jared Haibon and there is a date ahead for these two where the sparks will fly.

Jealous feelings swirl this week onBachelor in Paradise

However, Tuesday night's show is said to bring the dramatics regarding Jared and Caila's new romance. Ashley Iaconetti also shows up in Mexico and as Bachelor in Paradise fans know, she tends to be quite possessive of Jared. Spoilers share that after some tears and time together, Ashley and Jared decide they are just friends and he will continue to pursue a relationship with Caila.

Nick may have initially pursued Amanda, but Jen Saviano is about to arrive and the sparks will fly for this pair as well. It sounds as if the rose ceremony after these dates will be held until next Monday's show, but Reality Steve teases that Ashley and Sarah Herron will end up eliminated. However, Ashley comes back and asks for a second chance and ends up sticking around.

There are plenty of Bachelor in Paradise spoilers swirling about which contestants end up together after the finale and fans cannot wait to see if these rumors pan out to be true.

Tune in tothe Week 3 episodes airing on Monday, August 15 and Tuesday, August 16 to see how the next encounters play out.

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