Ashley Iaconetti has been shedding lots of tears over Jared Haibon this summer on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, but spoilers tease that she is about to be distracted by someone new arriving in Mexico. She is reportedly not done pushing Caila Quinn's buttons over the guy who has come between them, but newcomer Wells Adams reportedly captures her attention. Could Ashley and Wells become the next big couple coming out of this franchise?

Does Ashley fall for Wells onBachelor in Paradise?

TV Guide teases that during Monday's episode a “hotly anticipated arrival” will take out “a desperate bachelorette” and it sounds as if this refers to Wells Adams from JoJo Fletcher's Bachelorette season showing up and taking an interest in Ashley Iaconetti.

Gossip guru Reality Steve shares Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detailing that the two will become an item, and this will surely come as welcome news for viewers who are anxious to see her move on from Haibon and stop crying constantly.

Unfortunately, the possibility of a new romance isn't quite enough to distract Ashley entirely, as she will be confronting Caila over Jared. Things seemingly get so ugly that during Tuesday's show thatQuinn will call it quits and head home. In a move that will surely surprise Iaconetti, Haibon reportedly decides to call it quits as well and leaves to try to make a go of things with Caila in the real world.

While Caila and Jared may leave Mexico during Week 5, Ashley and Wells stick around and things will head up between them. How far will things go? Sadly for Iaconetti, Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that Adams will break things off with her during the finale week ahead when faced with having an overnight date with her.

Bachelor in Paradiseteasersreveal the outcome for Adams and Iaconetti's relationship

Did Wells and Ashley stay split up once they went home? At least some of the Season 3 Bachelor in Paradise couples have tried to make a go of things again on their own once back home despite leaving before the finale, but so far, it doesn't sound like any have really stuck. The buzz is that Ashley really liked Wells and would have liked to give a relationship a shot, but as Romper details, their social media accounts don't give any hints about them being together.

From the sounds of things, Iaconetti and Adams are both moving on to others and this Bachelor in Paradise relationship didn't manage to stick. Has she at least given up on Haibon once and for all? Interestingly, she was on vacation recently with Jared, her sister, and their friends Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert from Season 2, so it looks like Ashley hasn't managed to let go of Jared entirely. Fans hope that they have finally gotten to the point of just truly being friends now, though, and everybody will have to stay tuned for updates.

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