The early spoilers told us there are three engaged couples at the end of this season of "Bachelor in Paradise." In the first couple of episodes, we see the sparks between Lace Morris and Grant Kemp whohave great chemistry. So do Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray as theycan't seem to keep their hands off each other. When it comes to Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, however, it's a different story.

Carly and Evan shared an awkward kiss during an evening together. While Evan was attracted to Carly and wanted to pursue it to see where it would lead, Carly was not so sure.

She didn't enjoy the kiss and said that she didn't like him very much after it. Even so, she went on a date with Evan where they set a world record for eating habanero peppers then kissing for 1 minute and 41 seconds.

The show leads us to believe the two are in no way a couple, but we are assured by Reality Steve that they will make a turnaround. We will seem them develop into a strong couple this season. They end up not only together, but they do leave Mexico as an engaged couple.

What does Evan say about Carly's statements?

Evan is very honest and open about the awkwardness of their first date in general. He also says he feels that Carly was throwing him under the bus. Everyone can see they had a very rough start to their relationship and his friends are reaching out to him. He says they are texting him giving sympathy for the bad edit of "Bachelor in Paradise." Evan remaining positive reminds them all that he is a world record holder for that hot kiss between him and Carly.

What's next for Carly and Evan?

Both Carly and Evan were already living in Nashville, Tennessee. The logistics of the relationship arenot an issue, and they are able to spend time together.Each has tweeted pics from the same kitchen but none together. It isobvious they are spending time togethernow that the taping is over, and they are back home.

"Bachelor in Paradise" has already offered us tears, jealousy, drama and tension this season.

We are in for a good show this year!

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