This is the 2nd summer of Bachelor in Paradise with Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon. Last year Ashley failed to win Jared over no matter how hard she tried. As the season progressed so did her level of desperation to win Jared over. In the end they both left Paradise without finding love. Ashley remained obsessed with Jared and Jared had nochance at finding love under her watchful eye.

Jared and Caila off to a great start

This summer Jared returned to Bachelor in Paradise. Things were going great.

He had gone on dates, was making connections and seemed to be enjoying Paradise. When Caila Quinn arrived he was immediately smitten as was she.Apparently Caila and Ashley are close friends and had talked about Jared. Caila had promised Ashley she wouldn't date Jared but that was before they met. When Caila arrived with a date card she forgot that promise to Ashley and asked Jared out.

Through all the drama of Ashley arriving at Bachelor in Paradise, Jared and Caila managed to stay together. Jared made it clear to Ashley that there would be no future for them and friendship is all they would ever share.

Ashley, however, continued to cling to hope and try to cause problems whenever she could.

Does Ashley finally find love?

According to, Wells Adams from Jo Jo's season of The Bachelor will arrive in Paradise. He will take Ashley on a date and the two make a connection. Eventually Wells will go on a date with another new arrival, Jamie Letain from Ben's season. That date doesn't change his mind about Ashley, however.

They still trade roses back and forth until the end. further reports that after the arrival of 4 other women the drama is too much for Caila. She will make the decision to leave Paradise. With Jared uninterested in anyone except Caila, he will leave with her. It seems that Ashley does not cause any long term issues for the couple in the end.

At the finale Chris Harrison will sit with the couples and ask for their decision -- to continue with the relationship in the real world or to end things when they leave.

Spoilers report that Wells decides to leave Paradise alone instead of committing to Ashley.

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