Last night on a new episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Carly Waddell had her first kiss with Evan Bass. She made it pretty obvious that she didn't feel sparks and actually didn't really like him very much after that, but she did also say that she is still attracted to him for some reason. Bustle shared that Evan is now speaking out and went to his Twitter last night to share his thoughts. He isn't shy about admitting it wasn't a perfect date.

What did Evan Bass have to say?

Evan Bass started out saying, "People keep texting me like "sorry bout that edit" and I'm like "I'm a freakin world record holder bishhhh." Carly and Evan did share a kiss that gave them a world record, so that was something.

Evan also mentioned that Carly was throwing him under the bus and went on to say that sometimes he wishes they wouldn't show his face on television. Evan wasn't shy to admit it was awkward either. This was a strange start to their relationship.

So what does this mean for Evan and Carly?

It really does look like Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are over, but that just isn't the case. Reality Steve has been sharing his spoilers as usual. He says that Carly and Evan will change their mind and end up getting together in the end.

Carly and Evan will actually end up getting engaged. He will pop the question at the end of the season, and she says yes. Both Carly and Evan both live in Nashville already so this will make their relationship easier to make work. She has even shared a photo on her Instagram that shows her in Evan's kitchen. They must be spending a lot of time together, so hopefully, it is all working out in the end for these two.

Are you shocked to hear that Evan Bass is speaking out about what Carly Waddell said on the show last night? Do you think it will take Carly very long to change her mind about him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes ofBachelor on Paradise when new episodes air on Monday and Tuesday night each week on ABC.This is going to be a great season full of drama.

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