On the recent season ofBachelor in Paradise, fans sawIzzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera call it quits. They didn't work out because Izzy decided that she was attracted to someone else. This was one couple that seemed like they would last and everyone was a bit surprised to see them split. Now TMZ is sharing that these two seem to have reunited since the show ended.

Izzy and Vinny spotted on a plane together

These two were spotted on an airplane together. They were not just traveling to something for the show and happened to sit next to each other, though. She was sitting by the window, and he took the middle seat.

IzzyGoodkindand Vinny Ventiera were headed to NYC from LA. They were all over each other, and it turns out that Izzy even fell asleep on his lap at one point. It really does look like Vinny and Izzy have found love with each other now that the show is over.

What did they say to TMZ?

Izzy and Vinny were stopped by the TMZ cameras to get the details on what was going on with them. Of course, they started out trying to say they were just friends, but that didn't end up being the case. They asked Vinny about leaving the show. Vinny said they are friends and decided to hop on the same flight and talk about things. He did admit that it was planning. Izzy lives up there, and Vinny had a gig up there.

Izzy then touches his face, and everyone can tell they are more than friends.

Vinny said that they connected again for the live show. Izzy says it is all good, and Vinny teased that they are just friends. It doesn't seem like that is the case at all, though. After that, they go on to talk about Josh Murray and Nick Viall instead of their relationship.

Are you shocked to hear thatIzzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera are back together again after Bachelor in Paradise? Were you shocked to see they split in the first place? It will be really interesting to see if they can make it work, but so far so good.Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes ofBachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

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