Autistic filmmaker James Billian is a study in determination. He's the type of young man who follows through on his goals and aspirations, which are many. Billian has exhibited a life-long interest in the arts, including poetry and filmmaking. Filmmakers of all ages can be inspired by Billian's childhood dream: "When I grow up I want to be an artist. I think it would be really cool to create things." Billian has more than lived up to his promise.

With the help of people like his Baltimore-based filmmaker friend Erik Kristopher Myers, Billian starred in and directed the Dr.

Whofan film Puppets of Xylos, which premiered in July at the Knights of Columbus in Silver Spring, MD.

Acting while autistic

James Billian starred in Puppets of Xylosas the adventurous and not-so-organized Dr. Who (a 1960s creation of the British Broadcasting Corporation), alongside Eileen del Valle, who played his lovely assistant April. Rounding out the cast was Tony Gallahan, Noel Shively and Pete Xyidas, who played Elias Woodburn, Stanley Morris and a guard respectively. Other volunteers on the film included Margie Cuff, Peter Sittner, and Mary Brogan of St.

John’s Parish.

The short film follows Dr. Who, April and their K9 robot as their means of travel, The TARDIS, lands in the lair of Xylos, an evil adding machine that exists in a null cosmos within the vortex. Along the way, Dr. Who and April must navigate the grounds of Dundarian, which are haunted by the minions of Xylos, foul-looking scarecrows that attack those under ruler Elias Woodburn's care.

Directing while autistic

Billian directed Puppets of Xylosin a number of picturesque locations in the state of Maryland. There was a fantastic scene in the Kensington Row Bookshop and another at St. John the Evangelical Parrish. The film has a professional look and sported an impressive TARDIS set. The scarecrow costumes were well done. Puppets of Xylosis a fantastic credit for Billian's production company, jBillian Productions.

Watch the film here:

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