Box Office #1: Jason Bourne

Matt Damon is back with a bang as Jason Bourne.The latest Bourne franchise has clinched the top spot in movie ratings. It's number one at the box office around the world. Jason Bourne is the best in the Bourne series yet and Matt Damon is arguably the best action hero beating Tom Cruise from the top spot. The action-packed film is pure entertainment.The storyline is appealing to both Bourne fans and the millennial masses across the globe. The actor-director team of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass has really lived up to the fans' expectations.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squadwasreleased worldwide with somewhat bad reviews. I haven't seen it as yet (hint: watch out for my film review) but the bad reviews won't stop me from watching. I'll be the judge of that if you know what I mean. It's worth watching Jared Leto's Joker (and it stars Margot Robbie) at least. The Oscar winning actor has come under fire by the trolls (but surely not by the fashion police as it happens so that Mr Leto has bought the exact same 'green jacket with pink trouser' outfit from a high-end fashion label.

The actor was apparently at a fashion show when he saw a model wearing the designer outfit on social media. Some have even gone as far as comparing the actor's choice of outfit to a pizza.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is that talk of the Netflix town these days. The eight part horror-show is part of the Netflix original series, a trend started by the internet video-streaming giant. It's aboutthis town where a kid goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

The show starts with Mike's apparent Alien abduction and many 'stranger things' start happening to the town and its people. Stranger Things has brought children's storytelling (and Winona Ryder) back and the E.T. theme is quite apparent throughout. It's one of those hit 90's TV shows. The series has brought the whole 'watching TV with family' thing back in fashion in a generation where catching PoKemon Go monsters in its tiny smartphones seem to be a lot more important than hanging out with the family.

The myth that the best family TV shows were produced in the 80s or the 90s has been proven wrong by the show.

The acting, storytelling, the plotline and the soundtrack is really something of a higher class which can only be achieved in our modern times. Even though ST is based in the 80's the show has the 90's cult thing about it. It sure is going to be remembered for years to come as a modern classic TV show. You must watch it, for Eleven, the lead character and the star of the show, is the other worldly girl who the group stumble upon when they're looking for Mike. The dark and broody Eleven is played by Millie Bobby Brown.

I think Ms. Brown is mainlyresponsible for making Stranger Things a household name.Honorable mention also goes to the rest of cast who have given brilliant performances. They'll really make you believe that you're transported back to the eighties.

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