Ashton Kutcher shared one of those parenting moments that are both funny, and a little embarrassing after his 22-month-old daughter Wyatt out of the blue spat out her very first curse word. The adorable little tot dropped the granddaddy of all curse words, according to Ralphie from "A Christmas Story." Sweet little Wyatt dropped her very first f-bomb!

Ashton Kutcher's daughter throws out f-bomb

Now where could she have possibly heard that? Ashton, being Ashton, took the swear word in stride and shared an unique response to his daughter's choice of words.

Kutcher shared a selfie on his Instagram account biting the end of his thumb and trying not to laugh at Wyatt so she does not think it was an acceptable word for her to be tossing out at such a tender young age.

Ashton captioned the photo with a comical line about not being sure how to react when your toddler tosses out a potty word and it is unacceptable, but funny using hashtags, #baddads, and #badmoms. A little movie plug for mom? In Wyatt's defense, maybe she overheard mom (Mila Kunis) rehearsing and thought she would be like mom, and talk like mom?

Ashton experiences one of those parenting moments

The former "That 70s Show" alum recently announced that they would be adding to their family, so Wyatt will be getting a little baby brother, or sister in the next few months. This means Ashton and Mila have plenty of time to clean up their acts before baby number two makes their arrival.

While the couple looks to be very happy with their lives together, they are still being hit with divorce rumors.

It has even been reported that Mila is trying so hard to keep her marriage to Ashton intact she is willing to have baby after baby in hopes of keeping Ashton at home where she is.

Mila Kunis overshares with Howard Stern

Ashton is all about keeping their private lives just that, private, while Mila loves to share all the fun stories about their lives together. It has been rumored that Ashton was pretty upset with Mila following her recent interview with Howard Stern, where she revealed that she and Ashton started out as just friends, "friends with benefits" that is.

Guess that could have been just a little too personal to share.

What do you think about the way Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis handled baby Wyatt's dirty talk?

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