It seems like divorce rumors relating to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been doing the tabloid rounds forever. Started by Radar Online and picked up by online tabloids all over, if we are to believe the rumors, Brad and Angie would have been divorced a hundred times over. Just like those rumors, latest speculations by the rumor mills that Angelina is jealous about the possibility of an Oscar win by Brad for his role in Allied have also been shot down.

Oscar nods for Allied are likely to make Angelina jealous

Celeb Dirty Laundry is the latest rag to speculate over problems in the Brangelina household, after buzz started surrounding Brad and Marion Cottillard’s roles in Allied speculate that there are Oscars on the horizon. According to their purely speculative report, should Pitt and Cottillard actually get an award for the film, this might cause Angelina to be “completely envious.” That report then went on to say that Jolie Pitt hasn’t had a single hit since her role in the 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

As pointed out by Gossip Cop, that statement is completely untrue, as Angelina has enjoyed several box office successes since then, including the films Wanted, Kung Fu Panda and Maleficent. The latter film is even heading for a sequel. On top of her acting career, Jolie Pitt also had a hit as the director of the war drama Unbroken back in 2014. However, despite all that, the Celeb Dirty Laundry article, which has gone on to be highly cited in the media, continues to state that there is no doubt Angelina will feel she has been left behind by a husband who is enjoying more success.

Latest rumor shot down in flames by the rumor busters

Doing due diligence, Gossip Cop contacted a source close to the famous pair who told them the whole story is utter nonsense. That source added that both Pitt and Jolie are totally supportive of each others' careers and that Angelina would be more than thrilled should Brad get the Oscar for his role in Allied.

Enjoy a peek into the upcoming film in the trailer included below.

The movie tells the tale of intelligence officer, Max Vata (Brad Pitt) who comes across a French Resistance fighter in North Africa, Marianne Beausejour (played by Cotillard) back in 1942 and their resulting threatened relationship. The film is set to be released in theaters on November 23.

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