Andrea Tantaros will more than likely lose her job at Fox News, if she hasn't already, after she made accusations of being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes in an interview that made the headlineson Monday. An insider close to the situation said that she is most likely going to have her contract cut and her pay stopped sometime soon. The insider gave the timeline for Tantaros to be fired as the "immediate future," but that was as far as they would go with details on her looming termination.

Mystery solved

Tantaros put the mystery of her abrupt disappearance from Fox News to bed when an interview with New York Magazinehit the news on Monday. In this interview that Andrea and her attorney gave, they explained how she was suspended following a number of complaints she lodged against the Fox CEO Roger Ailes. Tantaros is not alone as her fellow co-worker Gretchen Carlson has filed a lawsuit and Megyn Kelly also came out and accused Ailes of sexual harassment weeks after Carlson's lawsuit became public.

Ailes resigned from his post at Fox News as more and more women came forth with similar stories to Tantaros, Kelly and Carlson. Andrea said she had made official complaints to top executives at Fox about the behavior of Ailes. This first resulted in a demotion, which Tantaros feels was in retaliation of those complaints. The popular Fox News analyst said that when she continued to make complaints she was suspended from her job.

Andrea says, Fox says...

According to the Business Insider today, Fox News denies Andrea was suspended back in April due to the complaints she made and that she was suspended because she did not include Fox News in the vetting process of her new book, Tied Up in Knots. Andrea appears on the cover of the book with her hands in the air and bound in rope. This also caused some angst for the Fox News channel, described as a "public relations headache." The Business Insider was told by Fox News that the future for Andrea at Foxhas not been decided as of yet.

It is hard to imagine that the news analyst wouldn't be scooped up by another major network if she were terminated at Fox. She is one of the more popular personalities at Fox. While on her hiatus from the news channel since April, Andrea has been keeping her fans updated on her views of this very bizarre political race going on in the nation via her Twitter page. She has over half a million followers who click in to see what she has to say on the what is going on in the nation today.

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