Andrea Tantaros is keeping up with the very bizarre politics in the nation today and she's still the go-to personalityfor her fanswhen if comes to getting a reality-based perspective. It'sbeen months since anyone has seen Andrea Tantaros on Fox News,or anywhere else for that matter,but she's the same political analysis off air as she is on. She has the same views and values today that drew people to her in the first place on Fox.

Bitter sweet moment for women

Andrea talks about Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination at the DNC, and says how she wishes she could have been more excited.

Tantaros, like many other women in the nation, found Hillary's moment somewhat of abitter sweet time in history, with the emphasis on bitter. This nominationleft a very bad after-taste when it was all said and done.While Tantaros sees this as a celebration for all women, she just wishes the womanbeing celebratedwasn't Hillary.

Historic moment comes with too much baggage

Sure Hillary broke through that glass ceiling and has intentions of shattering it to bits in November, but she did so with so much baggage it almost negates the victory.

Andrea suggests in a tweet how this would have been a much bigger event in the eyes of all women if Hillary didn't need a "fake marriage with a serial cheater" to achieve this. Riding into Washington on the coattails of her husband gave her a huge leg-up with the inner workings of the DC machine.

Hillary doesn't represent all women

Andrea is adamant when she says that Hillary "doesn't represent all women." Her fight for advancement was done with only one woman in mind and that would be Hillary, suggests Andrea in another tweet.

Through her tweetsTantarosreminds her followers that there's a different group of standards for Hillary Clinton, this was recently seen during the congressional investigation, cites the Fox News analyst.

Lack of sworn testimony

She calls upon FBI Director Comey to explain to Congress the reason behind Hillary not being sworn in during the FBI's high-profile investigation.Andrea also cites an article in the Daily Caller where the IRS is now investigating the Clinton Foundation, but this is only because Congress insisted.

This is an Obama IRS, Tantaros reminds her Twitter followers. So this means they'll investigate and say they "found nothing," she surmises.

Greasing the way to the Oval Office

Hillary's way to the the White House has basically been greased for a smoother sailing. She went through the motions of an FBI investigation, but it was just that, the motions. Now with this IRS investigation, it won't be long before it becomes obvious that the players in this event are all from an Obama IRS. It may be that Hillary goes down in history as the untouchable candidate or worst case scenario, the untouchable president!

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