Andrea Tantaros, the Former Fox News host, has filed a lawsuit against the network. She is claiming that Roger Ailes during his time of chairmanship harassed her sexually, and the lieutenants of Roger Ailes punished her for making complaints later on.

Andrea Tantaros is the 2nd on-air personality at Fox News who has sued Roger Ailes and others at the news network for the allegation of sexual harassment in the past two months. In the month of July, the former host of show"Fox and Friends", Gretchen Carlson, have also filed a suit against Roger Ailes.

Andrea Tantaros, who has appeared on “The Five” and other Fox news network shows as a conservative commentator since 2010, echoed some of the claims of Gretchen Carlson in her complaint what was filed in the New York start Supreme Court on Monday.

Andrea Tantaros said it was normal practice for Roger Ailes to call female workers, including her, into his office, asking them to turn around so that he can get a good look at them. She said that Roger Ailes asked her whether she is planning to marry and have children.

She also stated that Ailes had made off - colour jokes about his own marriage on many different occasions. At one point, Andrea Tantaros said, Ailes rumoured about what Tantaros would look like in a bikini. He also asked her about the sexuality of the co – hosts of Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino of “Five.”The complaint also said that the host of Fox, Bill O’Reilly, had also made some irritating and bold advances toward Andrea Tantaros.

Main Points of Andrea’s Complaint

“Ailes did not act alone,” the lawsuit said. “Ailes might be the primary culprit, but his actions were supported and appreciated by his most senior lieutenants, who also made some concerted effort for silencing Andrea Tantaros by Humiliation, threats, and retaliation.”

Tantaros, in particular, said that Bill Shine — who was named as the replacement of Roger Ailes earlier this month — warned Tantaros to take her complaints back about Ailes at one point.

Bill Shine, who was the top news executive of Fox and a key aide to Roger Ailes, asked her to let this one go or else she will be facing a retaliation campaign from Irena Briganti who is the head of the media relations of Fox network.

Statement of Fox Network

A spokeswoman from Fox declined to the address the claims of Andrea Tantaros and said that Fox does not comment on litigation which is pending. Ailes through his attorney has also denied the claim of Carlson.

Since Gretchen Carlson’s suit which was filed against Roger Ailes on July 6, more than 20 women have also raised their voices and told her attorneys that Ailes harassed them during his long career in TV which is dating as far back as the mid - 1960s.

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