Fox News has come out swinging with some pretty harsh words against Andrea Tantaros regarding the Lawsuit she's filed against the cable news network. Has Andrea finally been officially ousted or has she resigned from Fox?It is hard to imagine that a working relationship between Andrea and Fox could ever resume, but... stranger things have happened!

Mental anguish!

The lawsuit that Andrea's lawyers have put togetheris asking for$49 million,which is the combined amount for mental anguish, lostand wages and a few other things, which is detailed on the Daily Mail website.

This is almost $10 million more than the going away present that the man she accuses of sexual harassment walked away with as a close-out deal from Fox. Roger Ailes resigned his position as CEO of Fox, and he scooted away from Fox with a cool $40 million exit package.

Finally ousted or resigned?

The word "former" has just recently started to appear in front of her Fox News title in the headlines, even though there has been no official word from the network of Tantaros being fired or resigning from her position at Fox.Up until recently, Andrea was under suspension at Fox, which started the ball rolling on the lawsuit she filed.

Tantaros claims that suspension was handed to her for the many complaints she filed with the powers-who-be at over at Fox regarding the sexual harassment she was subjected to. Foxclaims the suspension had to do with Andrea publishing her book without permission from the network.

No victim here... Andrea 'opportunist.'

According to ABC News, Fox News recently fired back some very disparaging words at Tantaros saying that she is far from being a "victim," but instead she's an "opportunist." They have also stated that her lawsuit has all the "hallmarks of a wannabe." Ailes lawyers have called Tantaro's lawsuit "false" and they claim that the documents that she filed are "full of lies and half-truths."

End of the Fox line?

It doesn't appear that Andrea will ever return to Fox News, as this would make some uncomfortable working conditions, to say the least.

Fans of the former Fox News personality will have to keep their eye out for Andrea for when she pops up on another network. She's good at her job, and people trust her, this is very evident with the abundance of comments on her Twitter page!

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