Andrea Tantaros has mostly remained silent after her departure from Fox News, but her recent message on her social media sites is making fans wonder whether Tantaros is referring to Roger Ailes, Donald Trump, or to the new Ailes-Trump team that is making news headlines. Tantaros followers are aware that the news that Ailes and Trump have joined forces with Stephen Bannon, chairman of conservative Breitbart News, is disturbing. If there was ever a time for Andrea Tantaros to reappear and share her opinion and values -- it is now.

Andrea Tantaros needed by the Republican Party

Fans are not the only ones who appear to be in dire need of Tantaros.

Roger Ailes, the former Fox News CEO who lost his job after Gretchen Carlson and other women filed sexual harassment claims against him, recently jumped aboard Donald Trump’s team in an apparent attempt to save the Trump campaign. However, as Common Dreams reports, Roger Ailes, Donald Trump, and Stephen Bannon might be actually designing a post-election media empire that would serve their own interests and move the Republican Party as far to the right as possible.

Andrea Tantaros fans reading about a potential new direction of the Republican Party want to know whether there is any substance to claims that the new Republican Party dominated by Bannon, Trump, and Roger Ailes would be “promoting a neo-fascist agenda combining xenophobia, racism, sexism, government-bashing, and anti-immigrant nativism.”

Andrea Tantaros versus Roger Ailes but for Donald Trump

Andrea Tantaros vanished from Fox News after her sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes.

Tantaros’ emotional rape by Ailes actually dates as far back as August 12, 2014.

Andrea Tantaros and her relationship with Donald Trumpis (or at least was) quite different than her relationship with Roger Ailes. Tantaros supported Trump and even wrote an article in The Week about Trump and how he can have the support of more women to win the presidential election.

“If Trump is going to win the White House, he's going to need the help of women,” Andrea wrote back in June. “Throughout his life, Trump has prided himself on women relying on him. Now, in a twist of political irony, it's Trump relying on them.”

Andrea Tantaros' new message to her fans

With Andrea Tantaros being pro-Trump but against Roger Ailes, her latest message to fans is fiery and puzzling at the same time.

Is Andrea speaking about Donald Trump when writing about the "universal deceit" or is she referring to Roger Ailes?

Andrea Tantaros fans are making it clear in their responses to her message that the former Fox News host is dearly missed, no matter what. But what would Andrea say about Roger Ailes cooperation with Trump? And how about the latest photos and video of naked Donald Trump? Even if the former smart and classy Fox News host does not return to Outnumbered, everyone hopes that Tantaros is working on another deal that will bring her values and opinion back to television.

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