Andrea Tantaros has opened a can of worms, unlike Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit, Tantaros has spared no details about the powers-who-be at Fox News as well as her colleagues at the network. Now the other shoe falls and another alarming picture is surfacing on top of the alleged sexual harassment at Fox. This new exposure of Fox dealings must have left victims feeling very violated.

Elderly men aroused by young women at Fox?

Some of the men, like Ailes, had authority over the women who were allegedly sexually harassed.


Then there is O'Reilly, whose title didn't appear to give him any authority over the other anchors, but whose friendship with Ailes was just as good as if he was their boss. The sexual harassment that allegedly went on was fueled by backwards thinking from an aroused old-men's club and the entire mess is nothing less than all-out disturbing. 

New disturbing picture...

Today another picture is painted about Fox News besides the disturbing claims that the elderly men at the network were acting like testosterone-driven teenagers making unwanted advances to the younger women at the network.


It sounds as if Fox News, or some of the people behind the scenes at Fox have honed in on their spying skills. The lawsuit that Tantaros filed has made more allegations besides an alleged bunch of sexually aroused male senior citizens intimidating the young women.

Lie-detector test?                                                                        

The lawyers for Tantaros has offered up their client for a lie-detector test and they want the men mentioned in her lawsuit, who are denying her allegations and slamming Tantaros for fabricating stories, to also sit for one.

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Her lawyers have released a list of questions they want Fox News honchos to answer if they do take them up on the offer to settle this via the technology of a lie detector test. It is out of these questions that this new picture surfaces. Besides the questions pertaining to the sexual harassment claims, questions asked suggest that Tantaros was being spied on at Fox, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

Cracking Andrea's emails and spy rooms?

One of the questions that they will ask the men taking the lie-detector test is if anyone at Fox, or did Fox hire anyone form an outside agency, to crack into Tantaros' emails. Then a question specifically created for Ailes, which asks about the area referred to as the "Black Room" at Fox.

This is an area where alleged surveillance takes place against the network's enemies.

Was all this underhanded and scheming really going on behind the scenes at Fox News? It seems that Andrea Tantaros via her lawsuit has stirred up a pot of muck, which should have been stirred up and drained years ago. She is one brave woman for stepping out and doing this, but again... Andrea was always about exposing the truth!

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