Andrea Tantarosis standing out today from a group of women she recently joined under some less than ideal circumstances. It's not that Tantarosset out to join this group, she was thrust into it. It is a group nobody would want to belong to, but she has emerged as a hero among these women because she was the only one who came forward with something to lose, like her career at Fox News.

Has most to lose

Folks on social media are applaudingAndreafor bringing her sexual harassmentstory forward and naming Roger Ailes while she is still under contractat Fox News.She is the only one to do this voluntarily with her career still intact.

By coming forth, she put her career with Fox in jeopardy, according to the Western Journal. The other women, except for one, came forward after they no longer worked at Fox.Megyn Kelly divulged her information under sworn testimony when she was asked questions during an investigation.

Carlson and Kelly had nothing to lose

Kelly was asked the questions regarding any inappropriate behavior she may have been subjected to by Ailes during an internal probe by the Fox News lawyers. This is how her story emerged, but as Kelly explained, her incident happened a decade ago.

She didn't make a complaint at the time it occurred and neither did Gretchen Carlson,who was the first to bring charges against Ailes in the form of a lawsuit.

Carlson waited until she was let go from Fox Newsbefore she hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit. She made claims of sexual harassment against Ailes stemming from incidents that happened a few years back. Tantaros was the only one to make complaints as they happened over the last few years.

As she claimed during her recent interview, nothing was done about it, except she was demoted and then suspended.

Carlson's lawyer said that 20-plus women have come forward claiming they were victims of Aile's sexual harassment, the majority are remaining anonymous. It is the three very popular personalities on Fox News that are making the headlines, which are Carlson, Kelly and Tantaros. When Carlson and Kelly told their stories for the first time publicly people were furious that they let this go on for so long without saying anything.

There were many people who were not happy and who took to the social media sites to convey this, much like the Facebook post above.

Devoted to the truth

According to Andrea, she was basically punished over a period of time as she continued to make those complaints against Ailes. She was first demoted from the Fox show Five at Five, which is an evening show and cast as a regular on the daytime show Outnumbered. The other women who came forward did so after the fact. They couldn't touch Kelly for answering truthful questions during a probe and Carlson had already been let go when she came out with her allegations.

Bring Andrea back

As it stands today Andrea is suspended from Fox News, but she is still under contract. Because she came out and told her story she did put her job in jeopardy and she could be let go. Apparently because Andrea informed the public of her allegations against Ailes, she broke a confidentiality clause in her contract which is grounds for dismissal. If Fox does let her go, they would be very foolish because Tantaros is such a popular on-air personality and she's good at her work. Most of all, people trust her.

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