Andrea Tantaros blew the lid off of Fox News exposing the deplorable working conditions that were hiding behind the facade of one big happy network family! She did this by detailing a very disturbing behind-the-scenes culture in a lawsuit she recently filed. Big names were named by Tantaros and from what the lawsuit describes, it sounds as if a teenage level of testosterone was driving the bus for some of the elderly men over at Fox News.

So much bigger than Ailes

Roger Ailes, who has since resigned from his CEO post at Fox, was accused of verbal Sexual Harassment by Andrea. She has also accused Bill O'Reilly and former Senator Scott Brown, who is a Fox News contributor. Scott was someone who Tantaros claims took the liberty of putting his hands on her while making some suggestive comments.

Testosterone runs wild?

All of these accusations appear in the court documents that Tantaros filed and that were recently published online by The Boston Globe. This culture that is explained in the court documents sounds like a very uncomfortable workplace for many of the women at Fox and possibly for some of the men too.

The alleged sexual harassment that Andrea Tantaros had to fend off on a constant basis sounds horrific. As was the outcome for reporting these problems numerous times to her superiors. The popular news analyst was demoted from her nighttime gig to a daytime show before she was abruptly suspended altogether from Fox News.

Friendship betrayal

Besides listing Ailes' as a predator, Tantaros claims Bill O'Reilly, who she trusted as a friend and mentor, broke that trust by trying to get Andrea to go away with him to his very private place in Long Island.

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Then she accuses Scott Brown of making inappropriate verbal innuendos while putting his hands around her waist.

Besides being the object of lust for some of these senior citizen males, Andrea was privy to some harsh things being said about her co-workers. Ailes asked Tantaros if Greg Gutfeld is gay and if Dana Perino was a lesbian. He called Gutfeld a "Puerto Rican whore" and asked Andrea on several occasions if some of her co-workers were sleeping with one another, using words such as "screwing," reports The Wrap.

Ailes had allegedly once told Andrea that Harris Faulkner, who is the epitome of a professional woman, has a "tendency to look like the angry black woman." Andrea, complained multiple times to Fox executives and she was told to leave it alone. In true Tantaros fashion, she wasn't about to let this fall by the wayside and she set out to fix it via a lawsuit.

Fine-tuned machine

While Carlson is suing Ailes, Tantaros is going after the total machine, not just one of the worn-out mechanisms, but the entire well oiled machine. Andrea claims Ailes wasn't in this alone, there were some who behaved inappropriately and others who completely ignored that this was going on.

Seven-figure offer to just go away?

Fox News offered Tantaros seven-figures to drop her claims, according to her lawyers, but she wasn't about to do this.

Andrea will fight this, as her fans can tell you, she is in it for the truth to come out. She is also not going to let the women who come after her have to work in a testosterone-driven culture like she had to endure at Fox!

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