Andrea Tantaros has finally revealed the reason she abruptly disappeared from the Fox News channel. The 'Outnumbered' host said she was suspended after making numerous complaintsthatRoger Aileshad sexual harassed her on several occasions.

Tantaros joins other top Fox personalities who revealed that Roger Ailes was also sexual harassing them. Gretchen Carlson filed the first lawsuit to go public, followed by Megyn Kellywho also revealed that she too was sexually harassed by the man in charge of the network.

Complaints about Ailes

Tantaros had made several complaints starting back in 2015 whenAiles told her to do "the twirl" while she was with Ailes in his office for a private meeting. After that, he had made several sexual advances towards her, and she followed through with several workplace complaints.

Tantaros made the complaints to several different Fox executives, but she was eventually just taken off the air, as none of them took the allegations seriously, the Fox News analyst conveys.Andrea and her lawyer, Judd Burstein, met with New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman to reveal the reason she is no longer seen on the Fox New since being pulled from the air in April.

Suspension due to not vetting book

Fox News originally offered up the excuse that it was contracted issues that put Tantaros on a break, but they also said that she was still under contract with the network.In light of Tantaros newest reveal, Fox News is denying that she was suspended due to complaints about sexual harassment coming from Ailes.

They say that Tantaros was suspended because when it was time to vet her book, the network was not included in that process.Hernew book, Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What They Wanted Made Women Miserable,has a cover described as "suggestive" by the Daily Beast,as Andrea is seen with her hands in the air and she is bound in ropes.

Demoted from 'Five at Five' to 'Outnumbered.'

Andrea describes her problems at Fox with Ailes as on-going, and her complaints eventually got her demoted from her Five at Five gig to the daytime show Outnumbered.She claims this demotion was "retaliatory" for the complaints she made about Ailes' sexual harassment. After filing one of the several complaints at Fox,Tantaros was told by another Fox executive that she shouldn't fight Ailes, who is such a "powerful man."

It was right after she was demoted to the daytime show thatAiles commented to Andrea that"she must look really good in a bikini." Shemade a few more complaints after the bikini incident, which led to her suddenly being suspended in April when she was pulled off the air without warning.

Tantaros has a huge following at Fox, and the mystery of her disappearance from the air prompted a petition to bring her back, but it was to no avail. With this latest reveal, now her fans will understand why that petition didn't work!

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