Andrea Tantarosis ready to take on the head honchos over atFox News, which is made evidentin her recently filed Lawsuit. The suit filed by Tantaros is a little different than the one that Gretchen Carlson filed against Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. In true Tantaros form, she leaves no stone unturned.

Andrea blows the lid off of Fox?

According to Mediate News today, Tantaros is claiming thatRoger Ailes did not act alone. She is going after Fox News claiming she was handed down a retaliatory benching because she formally complained about Ailes sexual harassment.

Fox maintains that Tantaros is off the air because she wrote and published a book without their consent, which goes against her contract. They point to the book cover as their biggest bone of contention, where Andrea has her hands in the air and bound with rope. They do not want a top Fox News personality seen in this subservient pose.

Ailes did not work alone

Tantaros' lawsuit points to the top brass at Fox News for putting her on a hiatus because she made complaints against Ailes several times in the last few years.

She claims that while Ailes was the "primary culprit" he "did not act alone." In the Tantaros lawsuit she reports that his actions were not only overlooked, but "condoned" by the powers who be at the network. Bill Shine, who is one of the executives at Fox News, told Andrea to "Leave this one alone," when she first complained to him about Ailes sexual harassment, said Tantaros.

She's offered the names of the honchos who she complained to and who banded together to keep her silent.

She also named Fox News money-maker,Bill O'Reilly. KTLA News 5 reports that Andrea claims O'Reillymade "unwanted advances" and he has said inappropriate things. O'Reilly has allegedly backed Ailes through this mess. Tantaros' lawyer said she was offered seven figures to recant her allegations against Ailes and Bill O'Reilly.

Fox offers seven figures for a Tantaros recant!

Tantaros claims that a number of the head honchos at Fox worked together to stifle her from making these claims and they did this through "threats," "humiliation," and finally "retaliation," which is where she sits now.

If Andrea broke a clause in her contract, why would Fox offer the popular news analyst seven figures to recant her statementsagainst Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly during arbitration? This is what Tantaros' lawyer reports she was offered for a promise to take back her accusations.Again, in true Tantaros form she refused that money, as she feels that Ailes is just part of the problem at Fox.

No pants, it was all about the leg...

In the past allegations have been made by various female employees that they were not allowed to wear pants while on the air. This was always denied by the Fox News officials and by some of the on-air personalities at Fox.

Tantaros claims she was not allowed to wear pants on the air and her legs were expected to be front and center.

Ailes has a long history of being a "leg man." The former Fox CEO once mentioned his criteria for an on-air team. Ailes was quoted as saying, "I need the leg. That's Andrea Tantaros," according to Media Matters in an archived article back from 2014. This same article reports how Ailes once called down from the control room when Kirah Chetry was on the air telling them to move the laptop away from Chetry so her legs could be seen. He was also quoted complaining that he didn't spend a fortune on a glass desk for his female anchors to wear pants.

Mystery disappearance

Andrea was mysteriously taken off the air back in April. While at first no concrete reason was offered up by Fox or Tantaros, Fox finally did say her hiatus had to due with contract issues. Their statement made it sound as if this was a decision that both Andrea and Fox agreed with. They also said she was still under contract. The Fox News website, as well as Tantaros' own personal social media sites, are still listingAndrea as a member of the Outnumbered show.

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