Andrea Tantaros surfaced on Monday after she hasn't been seen on Fox News for months. The popular news anchor was mysteriously ousted from the Fox News channel back in April. On Monday Tantaros revealed that she was suspended from Fox News after making complaints of sexual harassment against Roger Ailes. It didn't take long for other Fox News sources to come forth to say this just didn't happen.

Tantaros is not alone

Making these allegations against Ailes put Tantaros in the same boat as former Fox News personality Gretchen Carlson and Fox News on-air powerhouse Megyn Kelly.

Both these women made the same claims against the now former CEO of the Fox News Channel, with Carlson filing a lawsuit against Ailes.

Carlson was the first to break the silence and come forth with allegations when her lawsuit made the headlines. Immediately following her reveal, a string of Fox News female personalities came out defending Roger Ailes, including Greta Van Susteren, who is held in extreme high regard across the board. Megyn Kelly then came forward to say that she too had been sexually harassed by Ailes, but her disturbing event happened almost a decade ago.

Big wig denies Andrea's allegations

The backing of Ailes seemed to come to a halt until Andrea Tantaros came out this week with her allegations. Now other employees, including a top Fox executive are disputing her claim of events. They are saying that she ever complained about Ailes, as she has claimed. According to Mediate, "big wig"Bill Shine even issued a statement saying that "Andreanever made complaints to me about Ailes sexually harassing her."Buzzfeed reports that they have obtained a letter that was sent to Fox and in this letter Tantaros lists the four incidents she was making a complaint about, but she never mentioned Ailes, although it did mention other Fox employees.

Complaints do not include Ailes

Other employees who came forward alsodeniedthat Tantaros hadmade any previous complaints about Ailes. They did say she had made complaints about other employees and some of the Fox News guests, which were investigated, but nothing was said about Ailes. This unnamed source from Fox News who is supplying this information is said to "have knowledge of the legal proceedings."

Book sparked suspension from Fox

The source said that Tantaros was suspended from her position at Fox News because of the way she went about publishing her book.The Fox executives had no idea she was was publishing a book until she held it up on-air.

Fox was not at all happy that one of their own high profile personalities was in such a "submissive" pose on the cover. She has her hands in the air and she is bound in rope and this wasn't how they want an employee portrayed. The source maintains that because Andrea didn't include Fox in on the vetting process of her book before it was published... this is why she was put on suspension.

Andrea Tantaros is known by her fans as a woman who is genuine and truthful, so when it comes to her reports or an unnamed source reporting, chances are it is Tantaros who they would stand behind and support. With Kelly and Carlson coming out with these claims, it gives some very good backup evidence to Tantaros' allegations.

It is not as if she is the only one alleging to have been harassed by Ailes.

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