FX took a whilein coming forward and revealing the premier date of theAmerican Horror Storyseason 6. It didn't take a genius researcher or detective to know that in the past 5 seasons the show has debuted in the month October, so that's what everyone was expecting for this season too. However, FX recently shocked the fans and viewers by announcing that the premiere of the sixth season of American Horror Story will be on September 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

SeveralAHSvets will return

Angela Bassett, who has appeared in 3 seasons of the horror series, will be back for the new season, something that was confirmed by the star herself in February.

Though so far we don’t have any knowledge about her character, she did say earlier this year that her character imbibes a little bit too much.

While so farBassett is the only star to confirm the return to the show officially, there are reports that Sarah Paulson, alum of AHS, will also be making her comeback in the new season. The actress hasn’t confirmed her participation but Bassett recently revealed to EW that Sarah Paulson is reportedly “somehow the boss” to her character.

There are also rumours that long-term cast members of American Horror StoryEvan Peters and Emma Roberts will be returning – but there is no confirmation yet from any of them

Lady Gaga might be back

Lady Gaga, the hit star of season 5 who won a Golden Globe for her performance, might also be involved in the season six of the show.

Ryan Murphy tweeted that he has asked Lady Gaga to return to AHS for the new, upcoming season. She has yet to confirm, but it seems like she will be back for the new season.

Murphy wasn't completely dagger and cloak about the theme of season 6 when he spoke about it at PaleyFest.

A popular and trending rumour is that it will be set in an orphanage.

Other ideas are suggesting a Children of the Corn-type theme, but we surely know that season six won't be revolving around the child murdering Slender Man, as was thought previously.

It was leaked, earlier this year, that the producers of AHS season six were planning on using a meme devised by the online forum – Slender Man – as the main focus for the sixth season, but these rumours were denied quickly.

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