America's Got Talent fans were shocked to witness a serious accident take place on Television tonight after one couple's stunt went about as wrong as you could imagine.

Contestant's Amber and Ryan were performing their act on Tuesday, August 2nd show when Amber missed horribly while shooting at a target in her husband's mouth with a flaming arrow.

Amber and Ryan flaming arrow stunt leaves Ryan with a pain in the neck!

Imagine the horror when the arrow hit Ryan in the throat, not only from Amber and Ryan but from the judges, audience members and everyone watching from their homes.

The contestants are well known on his season of 'AGT' for stunning fans by pulling off some very dangerous stunts until tonight that is.

The stunt was supposed to end with Amber hitting the target in her husband's mouth, simple enough right? Not really, for some reason,

Amber's aim was way off this evening. Bad news for Ryan, however, it has been reported that Ryan is fine, very shaken up, but fine. No news as to how Amber is dealing with then near deadly stunt at this time.

Ryan looked absolutely stunned as he acted quickly and put the fire out, and the judges were left for a bit just speechless.

Howie Mandel to Ryan, "You are going straight to an EMT, right?

Ryan reassured the judges that he was completely fine, how can that be when you were just shot in the neck with a flaming arrow seems utterly impossible.

Ryan even denied Howie Mandel's advice to see a doctor. However, the show must go on, and it went with the judges so stunned that they were unable to critique the couple's dangerous act.

It was good old Simon Cowell who finally spoke up asking,"Why are we even judging this?" He then sent the couple off stage. Ryan walked away with his life, but not unscathed.

He had a very noticeable bright red mark left on his throat where he had been struck by the arrow. A mark that looks like it is going to hurt like the dickens tomorrow, that is, unless Ryan has not begun to feel the pain thus far.

Amber to suffer the consequences for shooting Ryan in thethroat.

This could be Amber's worst nightmare, thankful that things did not come off worse, but now Ryan has something to hold over her head forever.

This is the one thing no wife ever wants to happen, Thank goodness he is okay, but do you believe they will continue on performing their dangerous acts after this close call, if so do you think Ryan is going to be the one doing the shootingnext time?

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