There's just something magical about this group of four men. Their singing is so good that it sends chills down your spine every time you hear them sing. Tuesday night was no different, when the singers performed their own unique reendition of 'Always on My Mind.' If you want to hear some amazing singing, I highly recommend checking out the video below


Linkin' Bridge got off to a rough start, but the acapella group was able to get things together and put on an incredible performance by the end.

Even noted critic Simon Cowell praised the group's unbelievable singing!

Earlier performances

In their first performance, Linkin' Bridge sang a fantastic version of 'Over the Rainbow' that wowed both the judges and the audience. Simon couldn't stop heaping praise on the vocal group, whose performance he called "sensational"by the end. Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie were left speechless by the end of the song. If you haven't seen their first audition, I highly recommend checking it out below.

Everything about the act is just so clean.

And it all flows so smoothly together. This group must have been practicing and singingtogether for a long time to give an act this impressive. And things got even better in their next performance. This time, Linkin' Bridge chose to sing 'Free Bird' to impress the judges enough to advance further in the competition. They were obviously good enough to get through, thanks to a performance that looked exactly like this.

This group has the ability to make some really incredible sounds. The voices all mesh together to form a heavenly combination that every judge in 'America's Got Talent' loved. This performance allowed them to easily move forward to the next round of the competition. This time, Linkin' Bridge might not find things so easy.


The group of singers had some stiff competition on the show tonight from other singers and incredible magicians.

A cute 10-year-old magician named Kadan Rockett is going to be particularly hard to beat. And 'America's Got Talent' already has a plethora of singing talent to draw from. It's hard to see every singer go through, but Linkin' Bridge can differentiate themselves thanks to their group status. The group only hopes that 'America's Got Talent' voters will love them as much as the judges did.

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